Since 1985 the University has contributed to the Fund by waiving fees for up to three scholars (equivalent to ca £22,000). The Students’ Union originally undertook to provide enough for one student’s maintenance.

Other sources of income have come from a staff payroll-giving scheme, donations from individuals and from private trusts such as the Richard Attenborough Trust. When the Robert McKenzie Trust wound up in 1999 it gave us £150,000.

But in 2000 it became clear that with rising costs, low interest rates, and the gradual retirement of faculty donors, we were unable to support more than two scholars. A fund-raising campaign during 2001 raised over £6000, which included some generous one-off donations as well as new recruits to the payroll scheme. However, in November 2001 the Student Union at its AGM voted to end the policy of supporting one student (£7,500) directly from their budget, though they offered to continue to administer the scholarships through the Union Office.

The Fund’s annual income is therefore now largely dependent on interest from its capital reserves and on covenanted donations. Costs are rising, and income seems likely to decline. Even three scholars will involve vigorous annual fund-raising efforts, and/or dipping into capital.

Faced with this situation, the Trustees met in February 2002 with Patrons, key supporters, and those who originally set up the Fund, for consultations over the future of the Scholarships. The meeting vigorously reaffirmed the value of the scholarship scheme, both to the individuals who come, and to the University of Sussex. As a consequence, we are pursuing various avenues of support, including:

  • Collaborating with the Canon Collins Educational Trust for Southern Africa on shared scholarships
  • Creating a support network among South African alumni including ex-scholars
  • Encouraging students to participate in fund-raising activities
  • Appealing to the Alumni Society
  • Encouraging University staff to join a new ‘Give as you Earn’ scheme.

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Financial report – Summary of figures for year ending 30 September 2015


University of Sussex payroll giving – £992
Other donations under Gift Aid – £1255
Gift Aid Tax refund – £562
Donations not under Gift Aid – £1343
Investment income – £2227

Total income – £6379


Grants to scholars – £24,972
Administration – £200

Total expenditure – £25,172

Deficit funded from reserves – £18,793

The beneficiaries and Trustees continue to be very grateful to the generous University of Sussex personnel and others who donate regularly, many through the payroll giving scheme, to support the objects of the Fund. This has enabled two Scholars to be supported directly during 2007-08 and a third to be supported in association with the Canon Collins Educational Trust.

The deficit for the year has been funded out of reserves, but it is hoped that new and increased support can be given in future years so as to avoid the ongoing depletion of available funds.

Please spread the word and help us to enlist new supporters.

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Gift Aid and standing order forms can also be obtained from:
Sue Cornford, Falmer House
01273 877470

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